Massachusetts - Do I need Responsible Vendor Training?

Oct 15, 2023

Let's say your an owner, manager or employee in the cannabis industry.

And, you want to have a conversation with us to ask if you need Responsible Vendor Training.

We've had this conversation with 100+ of stewards of the cannabis industry - just like yourself. 

So, we're going to roleplay this conversation...

You: Do my team and I need Responsible Vendor Training here in Massachusetts?

Us: If you are an owner, manager, and/or employee involved in the handling and sale of cannabis, you will be required to receive Responsible Vendor Training ("RVT") through a certified provider within 90 days of hiringFurther, the certification is good for 1 year and must be renewed annually (Regulation: 935 CMR 500.105(2)).

You: Okay, why do I need this training?


  • Short answer: the Cannabis Control Commission requires at least 4-hours of Responsible Vendor Training every year from a certified trainer.
  • Long answer: Responsible Vendor Training allows your team to be educated on the responsible use, laws, regulations, and best practice guidance of handling cannabis to ensure compliance, decreased risk of regulation breach, and safety for both your establishment and your surrounding community. Sounds pretty helpful, no?

You: I believe you...but show us the regulation?

Us: Sure - that's what we live and breathe: "All current Marijuana Establishment Agents, including Laboratory Agents, involved in the handling or sale of Marijuana for adult use at the time of licensure or renewal of licensure, as applicable, shall have attended and successfully completed a Responsible
Vendor Training Program to be designated a "Responsible Vendor"  (Regulation: 935 CMR 500.105(2))

You: What's even covered in your training?

Us: We cover...

  • What's required by the CCC - Marijuana's effect on the human body, diversion prevention and prevention of sales to minors, including best practices, compliance with all tracking requirements, acceptable forms of identification.
  • And more - retail AND non-retail related training, common scenarios that you'll encounter, the science behind cannabis, and more! 
  • And it's never the same course twice with the American Cannabis Training Association - the CCC requires RVT to be updated within 30 days of any applicable regulatory or policy changes
    • And, we LOVE feedback - ACTA's team reads EVERY single comment and survey you submit. Not enjoying your time with ACTA? Our Magic Formula: Feedback + Time + Effort = Feedback Addressed!

You: Is that it? Any other training requirements?

 Us: So, 4-hours of Responsible Vendor Training is required, but in addition to this, your team needs  4 additional hours of training beyond RVT to meet the 8-hour TOTAL training requirement (Regulation: 935 CMR 500.105(2)). But don't worry, if you need to fulfill those training hours, the American Cannabis Training Association is happy to tailor it's award-winning curriculum to your team's needs. Just contact us here OR email us at hello AT!

You: Got it - who provides Responsible Vendor Training and other training needed?

Us: The American Cannabis Training Association is a leading, national provider of cannabis compliance education. That's all we do - we just wake up, read up on regs, train your teams, track your schedules and go to sleep. And, our mission is very simple...the lowest priced training that is ridiculously convenient and actually enjoyable

You: How do I sign up?

Us: If you need just 1 course, buy it directly here. If you need to train a group, then just contact us here OR email us at hello AT, and we'll make sure to customize our offer on what's best for your team.

You: Anything else?

Us: Listen - we get it. Your life in the industry is really busy with the unique rules, constant changes, and the growing number of stakeholders (CCC, community, shareholders, employees, and most importantly, your loved ones). We've been through it and have helped many people who've gone through the same thing. That's why we create a customized dashboard that helps you track all employees' training schedule and implement our "automation on autopilot" to ensure that compliant training is NOT something you have to worry about at all.

Need certification for just yourself? Get certified directlyĀ HERE.

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