Responsible Vendor Program Certification: Basic & Delivery Core Curriculum

Presented by the American Cannabis Training Association

Updated as of November 2023

Responsible Vendor Training (Basic Core Curriculum): Fulfills the 4-hour RVP training requirement that must be completed by all Marijuana Establishment Agents involved in the handling or sale of Marijuana.

Delivery Certification (Delivery Core Curriculum): Fulfills requirement for agents acting as delivery employees for adult-use delivery licensees, microbusinesses with a delivery endorsement, or MTCs that perform delivery operations.

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Fulfill Responsible Vendor Training Requirements

Your team members engage and learn the latest regulations and industry best practices

Memorable Lessons: Think "Schoolhouse Rock!" Meets Compliance

We present legally mandated topics in a relevant way with actionable strategies to build a more compliant and effective workplace.

Your Admin on Autopilot

No more worrying about scheduling or tracking training.

We’ll do it all for you!

Self-Paced and Available 24/7

No need to plan your workday around training - your team can learn and get certified at their own convenience

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  • Fulfills CCC-mandated RVT requirements
  • "Real-life" exercises to┬ádevelop practical knowledge
  • Official certificate of completion
  • 2-page course recap and 'on the job' reminder
  • Automatic training record tracking
  • Student Q&A and lesson discussion
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Includes all from Starter

  • We'll create 1 customized module from your business' training manual
  • 1-Hour consultation with lesson creation specialist
  • 1 free admin trial course
  • 24-Hour support
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Includes all from Growth

  • We'll create 1 more customized modules from your business' training manual
  • Printed and mailed certificates
  • Access to exclusive ACTA community and network
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Add: Delivery Core Curriculum


Requirement for Delivery Agents

  • Fulfills CCC-mandated requirements
  • "Real-life" exercises to┬ádevelop practical knowledge
  • Official certificate of completion
  • Automatic training record tracking
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